Our services

At Code Construct, we provide high-quality software design and development services, specialising in components that interface to hardware - operating systems, embedded firmware and device drivers.

Developing a new hardware platform?

If you're in the process of building new hardware, Code Construct can provide the software and firmware system components to match. We have constructed custom firmware for special-purpose designs, and have ported Linux® to a wide range of devices.

Even at the early stages of hardware design, we can help out with bill-of-materials selection, integration methods and testing practices to make the overall development process as smooth as possible. Even a quick software-focussed review at design time can prevent future headaches; contact us now to get going.

Building with open source infrastructure?

With the huge range of open source components available, new products — both hardware and software — can be brought to market in record time, more efficiently than ever. Code Construct can help to navigate the open source ecosystems in your technology area, and advise on how to best collaborate with the development communities involved, or even form your own.

We know that open source isn't just about the code. We can help to ensure that your own work can coexist with development and licencing practices in the open source communities around the code. While we're not lawyers, we have plenty of experience in providing technical input to legal teams like yours, to make sure your efforts are well-regarded in the open source world.

Integrating systems?

Our experience with development on both hardware and software means we have a unique talent for integrating components. If you need to get data from one system to another, we have the development expertise to make it happen. Whether it be collecting custom sensor data for monitoring systems, or interfacing live GPS location information to visualise on the web, we can connect diverse components together to build a complete system.

Regardless of what technology you're working on, our engagement style can be customised to suit your project. We have built end-to-end systems to clients' specific requirements, helped others navigate hardware selection and integration, and trained development teams to build their own solutions.

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