At Code Construct, we mainly work on software and hardware development, which often warrants some accompanying documentation. The articles below give some technical details on some of our open source development areas.

These documents are available under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license - you're free to share with others, modify as you see fit, as long as your provide attribution and distribute under the same terms. See the CC BY-SA license text for full details.

MCTP on Linux introduction

At Code Construct, we have been working on support for the Management Component Control Protocol (MCTP) on Linux systems, to the point where it's becoming generally useful for production server environments. To help with that, we have put together a few details in this introductory document.

MCTP extended addressing

Following on from the MCTP introduction, this document describes one of the newer features of the MCTP stack: extended addressing. This allows utilities to directly address specific physical endpoints; for example, when no endpoint IDs have been assigned.

Microwatt with Linux on OrangeCrab

Microwatt is an OpenPOWER CPU design to run on relatively small FPGAs. It can run ppc64le Linux. These instructions show how to get it going on an OrangeCrab FPGA dev board.